Jennifer Greenland

Jennifer Greenland.  Photographer.

Among the many things I am in life, a large part of me is a photographer.  I spend my time with my children, working on projects, traveling and exploring.  The things I do in my spare time allow me the opportunity to shoot at some amazing places in the world.  I have at least 50 more “bucket list” adventures I want to go on, and with small steps, I hope to at least make some of them a reality.

My gear used is Canon.  I have a desire to enter into the world of mirrorless camera systems and own a small Samsung NX1000.  It is quite likely the lowest quality of what is out there today and it us just that point which entices me to invest into the newest Samsung or Sony body.  However, I love my Canon gear and the quality they produce.

My Gear etc.

  • My Bodies: Canon 5D MkII and Canon 5DMkIII.  My old Canon 30D is dusted off now for the kids to fumble around with.
  • My Canon Lenses:  24mm F1.2 L, 70-200mm F2.8L IS, 100mm Macro, 17-40mm F4.0L, 24-70 F2.8L
  • My Sigma Lens:  85MM F1.4
  • My Filters:  Lee ND Grads, Singh Ray color intensifier, Reverse ND.  B&W awesome polarizer and Hoya ND filter, which is a pain to clean but gets great results.
  • My Bags:  All LowePro. Shoulder bags, backpack, and one large one for a carry on.
  • Flash and Stands and Boxes, oh my:  Crappy light stands but gorgeous light modifiers.  580ex Flash and 600ex RT Flash units with Canon trigger.   26 inch Rapid box and 43 inch Orb. Gels and batteries.  Lastolite reflectors and such.
  • The Extras:  levels, tripods (Manfrotto), cloths, gum, nuts, coins and wipes.

Photographers on the list.

There are many many photographers I admire and some that I do not.  I find a large part of the photographic community to be helpful and authentic.  There are, unfortunately, a small batch of photographers who, out of their own arrogance and over confidence, choose to slight others who are learning.  I am always open to critiques and love helping others.  If you ever need a hand, let me know and I would be happy to help.  Never give up!

I will post a list of photographers soon, and certainly a nice list of handy websites!

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